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Working with Sports Teams & Athletes

Working with Athletes

Through observation, experience and biofeedback interface therapy Dr. Igor will identify players’ physical, mental and emotional weaknesses such as lack of stamina, frequent injuries, slow recovery, lack of confidence and unhealed emotional/ mental traumas that can subtly interfere with sports performance.


Make a plan of action to maximize potential by creating an individualized diet plan balancing vitamins, minerals and all other nutritional needs.


Suggest lifestyle changes and use biofeedback therapy to heal unconscious traumas and balance/harmonize the player on every level.


Identify and maximize potential strengths, i.e., physical predisposition including quality of vitality and muscles, loco-motoric abilities, cardio-vascular condition, oxygen utilization, flexibility as well as unconscious drives and motivation.


Keep hormones and endocrine system in optimal and healthy balance.


Prevent sports injuries by identifying weak points and strengthening the body.


Address and eliminate unconscious psycho-emotional blockages to a player’s maximum potential through biofeedback therapy and counseling.


Creation of a tailored dietary program based on SCIO findings to eliminate deep underlying causes of imbalances that may be compromising a player’s optimal performance.


Regular biofeedback therapy to balance and harmonize the total system – physical, mental and emotional - to promote a good night’s sleep, focus, concentration and overall good health and teamwork.


For Coaches and Trainers


As leaders, coaches and trainers project their ideas and energy onto the players. This energy can be positive and supportive but it may also be stressful or frustrating. Treating coaches will improve their mindset, help them to be more focused and offer positive support for the team.

For Decision Makers

Treatment with biofeedback to stimulate vision, unity, higher purpose alignment to project positivity and inspiration for the entire organization.

A Holistic Approach to Sports Performance Enhancement

All of us benefit from a healthy lifestyle but athletes push themselves on all levels to the edge so need a more specialized approach. Dr. Igor’s helps top class athletes to excel and reach their goals – to be healthy, happy and maximize their performance. Working holistically, not solely addressing physical issues, produces superior results.




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