Interviews, Videos & Articles
​ Djoko’s deportation - "pure politics" ~ by Theo Panayides ~ Cyprus Mail  (January 2022)  (Text version)
Reuters Article - Authorized Version by David Vujanovic January 2022
Dr Igor, Health Teacher  by Biljana Vlatković  ~ ReDuša (April 2021)
A Holistic Approach to High Performance Sport with Novak Djokovic's Medical Doctor with Zena Le Roux (Video) (March 2021)
The Doctor Who Transformed Novak Djokovic  by Theo Panayides ~
Cyprus Mail  (September 2020)
Revealed: The Diet that Saved Novak Djokovic  by Paul Newman ~
The Independent (August 2013)
Meet Dr. Igor Cetojevic - An interview with Sloboda Boric   (April 2010)
Dr. Igor Revisited -  Second interview with Sloboda Boric   (November 2012)