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The Problem:
What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

From Your Health; It's A Question of Balance, by Dr. Igor & Francesca Pinoni


It’s common knowledge nowadays that there are many stray waves flying through the air all the time. There are TV and radio waves, microwaves, waves from cellular phones, radar and powerful emissions from high-tension wires and high voltage power stations, etc. Less well known are the various vibrations that are under our feet; some man made and others occurring naturally. Imagine a grid of energetic “walls” about ¾ foot wide that run north to south and east to west all around the globe. The walls running north to south are about 6 feet apart. The walls that run east to west are a little closer together. You can find these walls everywhere. They are created by the normal vibration of the earth.


These walls produce a vibration that is disturbing to humans if we spend a lot of time exposed to them. You will FEEL TIRED AND WEAK if you sleep or spend a lot of time on top of one of these energetic walls. Cats, on the other hand, enjoy the energy that comes from these spots. They seem to feel a comfortable warmth there. Strange but true. Moral: don’t sleep where your cat sleeps.


If the walls are bad news then the spots where they cross are even worse. These intersections are known as “Hartmann Knots” after Mr. Hartmann who studied them.


I don’t know if these vibrational walls originate in the earth or if they come from space, pulled in by the earth’s gravity and reflected back. I do know the effect they have. I found in my practice that sometimes when I worked on a patient’s energetic body, physical body and psychological body;

building up his energy with acupuncture and correct food, calming him down, everything that I know should have made him feel better, he would leave my place feeling well but come back in a day or two with no energy again.




The Solution:

We built up his energy by day and he lost it by night. I knew I was giving the right treatment; I could see that the energy was much stronger after a treatment; so what was happening? Time and time again when this happened I went to check where the patient spent his time. And guess what I found? That’s right. Bad vibes! Move the bed and, voila, no more energy leaking and the patient’s health took a turn for the better.


As if a world-wide-web of disturbing vibrations were not enough there are other types of underground vibrations that are harmful. These include minerals, caves, natural faults in the earth and underground water, either flowing naturally or in pipes.

This is what happens with underground water: Water flows. It flows in a particular direction. As the water flows through the pipe (either man made or a natural tunnel) it creates turbulent circulation.


When water moves through a pipe it creates friction. Friction causes vibrations that travel and expand. Think of a stone dropped into a calm pond. The waves travel slowly out from the center. These vibrations behave in a similar way only in three dimensions.

Dowsers are able to locate the presence of underground water because they are sensitive to these subtle vibrations. It’s good to find water for a well or for irrigation but it’s not so good to build a house above an underground stream. Your body is about 70% water. The strong vibrations caused by movement of the underground water affect the water in your body and starts to feel a connection with the outside vibrations. When you want to have a good night’s sleep the rhythm of the water in your body is disturbed. How do you know if your bed is over underground vibrations? You wake up every morning feeling tired.


Just to make things worse, if you live or work in a tall building that has a lot of metal re-enforcement in it, the metal in its structure amplifies all vibrations and you get a double dose. Watch your dogs. Their bodies react to the presence of vibrations in the same way that ours do. They naturally go to the places that are good for us, unlike our cats.


In the past when people lived closer to nature they instinctively knew these things. They would watch the animals and birds and learn from them. People were nomadic and followed animals. They watched where the animals gathered and then pitch their tents there. We all suffer because we have forgotten this knowledge.


Another source of disturbance is electromagnetic vibrations. These come from technological equipment like power lines, TV’s, computers, microwave ovens, lamps, alarm clocks, etc. If you have high voltage power lines running above your house or if you live close to a power plant or transformer then MOVE. If you have lamps, clocks, TV’s or radios near your bed MOVE THEM. Do not use an electric blanket. As you can imagine, spending many hours in front of a computer is not so good for you. Stay well back from the screen and take frequent breaks for fresh air to revive your energy.


So, what to do? First of all, if you are not getting a good night’s sleep, MOVE YOUR BED. With a little practice with dowsing rods or a pendulum you can find out where the harmful spots are. Watch your plants. Most plants do not like places with strong vibrations. They cannot be healthy if they are in a Hartmann Knot. If there is nowhere to move your bed there is still hope. There are several devices being manufactured that neutralize harmful vibrations in the environment. Contact Dr.Igor for more information or to schedule a “house call”.


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