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How Daily Device Use Can Cause Problems:

  • Using your cell phone just 30 minutes a day can increase brain tumor risks by 40% (Source: Interphone Study)

  • 24 Hours of EMF exposure can induce more DNA damage than 1,600 chest x-rays (Source: The Reflex Report)

  • Strong evidence of cancer from mobile phones near the head – says Harvard trained medical doctor, David Carpenter

  • Multiple studies link EMFs with chronic inflammation suffered by 60% of Americans (Source: Trevor Marshall PhD, BE, ME)

Signs You’re Being Affected by EMFs:

  • Constant headaches


  • Inability to focus

  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

  • Brain fog

  • Brain inflammation

  • Difficulty learning (especially in children)

  • Buzzing in your head


The bottom line?

STRESS (which EMFs greatly contribute to) is connected to virtually every major health issue.


It’s time we pay close attention to our daily activities that CAN protect our families, like:

  • anti-radiation cell phone cases

  • turning off Wi-Fi at night (EVERY night)

  • and even jumping up and down to inspire lymphatic movement

  • and participating in simple detoxification techniques like grounding, forest bathing, meditation, etc,

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