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Need Coffee??

It’s pleasant to sit in a buzzing coffee shop, sipping the java and visiting with your pals but if you NEED a cup of coffee to jump-start your day it’s time to think about why. Maybe it’s a habit that you think you cannot break but more likely it’s a sign that you haven’t had a restful night’s sleep.

If you rule out the obvious causes of nighttime disturbances – a crying baby, noisy neighbours, partying late at a club…; if you are snug in your bed but have trouble getting to sleep, wake up during the night or need to hit the snooze button several times before dragging yourself out of bed it’s very likely that you are suffering from the effects of electromagnetic smog.

We have seen a rapid development of technology that has made life easier and more fun. Most of our appliances have computer chips, we enjoy instant communication with mobile phones and a wide range of media beamed to our homes by satellite, cable and WiFi. Who wants to give all this up? Life without the internet?! Forget it! But what if all the electromagnetic radiation produced by this technology were seriously damaging your health? Would you think again?

What’s happening? The billion cells of your body working together like an orchestra, in optimal circumstances will resonate in harmony and keep us healthy. Within the cells, deep in the molecular and atomic levels there is always movement and rhythm. At this very subtle yet crucial level, we are vulnerable to the influence of the equally subtle electromagnetic radiation that is now an ever-present part of life in the Western world.

Besides an almost irrational desire for a caffeine fix first thing in the morning other signs that your system had been compromised is a weak immune system that can lead to infections, allergic reactions, psycho-emotional disturbance and chronic fatigue.
What to do? Go and live on a mountain top? Probably there will be a cell phone tower there!

Over the past twenty years, in my medical practice I have encountered many cases of patients’ condition improving with my treatments of acupuncture and biofeedback, but then slipping back again. When I checked the places where they spent considerable time- their office and, more importantly, their bedroom, I invariably detected the influence of geopathic stress and/or electromagnetic radiation.

In my extensive travels I was very pleased to come across a new family of devices that have been shown to mitigate the effects of electromagnetic smog. One small ‘Quint’ device will protect the room where you work or sleep. A larger one will cover an entire house. It’s only fitting that the technological developments that have created the problem are also now providing a solution. Now it’s just a matter of sharing information and awareness about the invisible dangers that surround us.

Call me and we can discuss it over coffee!

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Quint Plug 5G

E-Smog, 5G & geopathic stress compensation for the whole house. Simply plug into the socket. €465 + VAT & Shipping






Quint Stick 5G

USB stick cleans and protects a room from  E-Smog, 5G and the effects of geopathic stress. — € 150  + VAT & Shipping

Quint Film

Protects you from electro-magnetic radiation and 5G from your telephone. — €25 (Including

 VAT & Shipping)






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