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The QuintPlug is a compact electronic device used for bioenergy protection of the body against the ubiquitous carcinogenic, electromagnetic smog and harmful geopathic radiation. One such device is enough for a whole house or a large apartment. Just plug them into an electrical outlet. That's all! This manual describes the features of this useful 21st century plug.


What is electrosmog?

E-smog is pollution of the environment with all electromagnetic frequencies harmful to health, emitted by electrical devices such as wireless networks, mobile phones and computers. On the basis of tests carried out on the basis of the principles of energy medicine (such as kinesiological tests, the study of meridians), it can be shown that electromagnetic radiation from such sources is harmful and even pathogenic for the human (and also animal) organism. Complementary medicine also agrees with the following statements:

  •  electromagnetic smog can effectively block the human immune system (cause immune deficiency ) or cause its extreme reactions (allergies)

  • can cause  endocrine disorders (menstrual disorders ) and also severe disorders of the autonomic system (insomnia, hypertension ).

  • Recently, the results of many  studies  conducted at universities in various countries of the world indicate the harmful effect of  electromagnetic radiation  on our health.

How does QuintPlug work?

The QuintPlug plug-in works thanks to a special technology of the 21st century developed by the Austrian company QuintSysteme, which has specialized for years in the digital storage and application of wave spectrum substances.


Today it is known that the body's regulatory system can resonate with wave spectra of various substances. By choosing the right substances, you can induce a state of well-being in a person and balance the body's reactions to stress. QuintPlug is based on this principle.


The specific "cocktail" consisting of the spectra of various substances is stored in this innovative device, which supports the body's own regulatory system in processing the effects of the load caused by electromagnetic smog. E-smog = stress.


As soon as the QuintPlug is plugged into an outlet, the device continuously emits this "cocktail" of vibration. These frequencies correspond to the recipe of Bach's essences, minerals, herbs and other substances that reduce the tension caused by electromagnetic smog.

QuintPlug  continuously weaves this information (vibration) into it as part of the home's electrical system, so that this information is spread using electrical wires throughout the home. This information (vibrations) is absorbed by the body and supports the body's regulatory system to better cope with the stresses caused by electromagnetic pollution.

The QuintPlug is not one of the many gadgets on the market.

This is not about ensuring that you are physically shielded from electric and magnetic fields . It is about obtaining a positive bioenergetic effect. 


The effect of the QuintPlug is to propagate positive information about vibrations, to their specific frequency constantly emitted by the plug, and to overlap with the electrical installation of the building. Positive effects can be detected directly in the human body by methods used in bioenergetic medicine (e.g. Dr. Voll's electroacupuncture, dermographic decoder, kinesiology, QuintSysteme, etc.).



Research has shown that users feel more energetic in their homes and workplaces where QuintPlug plugs are installed . Many people also report improved sleep quality.


As can be seen from the above: conducting further scientific research is necessary for the good of humanity, because electro smog is one of the plagues of the 21st century



Insert the QuintPlug into an electrical outlet. The control lamp on the device indicates that the device is working perfectly and that pulses of healing substances are being emitted. In general, one plug is sufficient for an entire apartment or family home. If you want to equip a larger area, you must use a separate plug for each separate electrical installation (meter).

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