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Why exposure to  WiFi, radiation & geopathic stress is so detrimental to our health

 The Mysterious World of Energy Medicine


From Your Health; It's A Question of Balance, by Dr. Igor & Francesca Pinoni


I’d like to explain a little more about why this is so and how our body is more than just meat and bones.


When we look at something; this book, a computer, a banana, our own arm – it seems as though it is a solid thing. We use our five senses to perceive our world. We see something, smell it, hear it, taste it and touch it and we know it is real. But what about a thought or an emotion? They are very real, but not something that you can experience with your five senses.


In physics, we learn that everything is in motion. The slower the motion, the more dense the substance. Think of water. In its slowest state of motion it is solid ice. Add some heat; the motion increases and you have a pool of water. Add more heat and soon the water disappears as steam. It’s still there, but you can’t see it anymore.


We can consider that our body is like ice; it appears to be solid but what we can see is not the totality of who we are. We reflect the image of our Mother Earth. We live on her crust. Deep down inside are layers of soil, stone, molten rock and fire. Above her surface is the atmosphere. Without this subtle, invisible atmosphere, life would not be possible.


We can experience our physical body through our five senses. Sensitive people and new technologies can access our subtle bodies - thoughts and emotions - the “atmosphere” around us.


In the fifteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci and other proto scientists, delved into the workings of the human body by cutting up cadavers and looking inside. There was much to learn in this way, although a living body works differently from a dead one!


With this knowledge, we were able to observe the anatomical connections within the body on the physical level. Over the years, technologies were developed that extended our senses. The invention of the  microscope let us look deeper into the physical body, as did the more recent technological developments such as chemical lab tests,  X-rays, CAT scans, ultrasound and so forth.


All these technologies focus on the physical level of our body. These tools were used to see what is going on, but did not provide enough information to explain all the functions that were observed. We began to understand the normal functioning of the body; breathing, digestion, metabolism, circulation, all the visible, observable functions. The development of bio-chemistry provided tests, such as blood counts and urine analysis, to observe and explain deeper functions including the workings of hormones. However, Western medicine cannot explain thoughts and emotions within these, observable, parameters. Yet, these are an important part of us, vibrating on more subtle frequencies than our physical body and have a great impact on its state of health.


Think about the different levels at which we can observe the human body: the physical body, organs, tissue, cells, molecules, atoms, and beyond that – what? The crazy and wonderful world of quantum mechanics! I will not go into details about that here, but I would like to say that ancient cultures have known about the subatomic world and used that knowledge for healing. Since the beginning of the last century science and technology has been developed that enables us to observe and dance with this mysterious level of existence.  An understanding how the subtle movement of subatomic particles work is a key to accessing the invisible factors of thoughts, memory and emotions, which are the root causes of many diseases.


To understand how disease starts, picture an empty bucket. Imagine the bucket filling up with things that cause stress to our bodies: wrong food, environmental toxins, tobacco, bad habits, worries, radiation, emotional stress, family stress, stress from our work, and so forth. All of these things build up in the bucket, but nothing is visible until the bucket is full. Something will be the last drop in a full bucket! It could be a tense word, a cold wind, a sleepless night; something not very serious in itself, but on top off all the other things that have been building up it is the one that will cause the bucket to overflow. When that happens, physical symptoms appear.


Bucket o' toxins_edited.jpg

If you simply treat the symptom, the bucket is still full so the next small stressor that comes along will cause it to overflow again, creating a new symptom. Unfortunately, Western medicine is focused on symptoms that can be clinically observed and measured, but does not take into account what is in the bucket – the deeper, built up causes of the disease.


Using energy medicine, I can observe both the physical symptoms and also what is in the bucket. In this way, we get a much bigger picture, inside and outside, visible and invisible. I can see into the bucket before it overflows, addressing a condition before it manifests in the physical body. Prevention is the highest form of medicine.


 When I treat my patients, I help them to slowly empty their bucket by identifying the stressors and educating them about what they can do to prevent them from filling up the bucket again. By working together with cooperation, understanding and consciousness I help my patients change their lifestyle habits resulting in a healthier and happier life!

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