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Magnetic Therapy Is Essentially A Natural Cure


Through thousands of tests over many years, everyone dealing with Magnetic Therapy has found this method very helpful in a wide range of situations where other methods have failed or must be avoided for some reason. Magnetic Therapy has been found to be totally harmless, no danger of becoming habit forming, its effect does not diminish after long use and any reaction from over use is only temporary.


The effect of the magnetic field on the permeability of the cell wall (enabling waste products and toxins to be released and nourishment to enter) and the effect on the cell genetic material seem to be the main explanation of how the Magnetic Therapy affects biological material and so is effective in all kinds of disorders. Also, bipolar effect stimulates nerve ends to help release toxins.


Naturally enough, most of this research has been conducted on animals and cell culture. However, numerous tests on humans using the double blind technique have shown, among other things, that Magnetic Therapy has the following influence:


Bone fractures heal up to 40% faster.
The formation of antibodies in the T-lymphocytes increases.
Oxygen absorption via the lung increases.
Normalisation of blood pressure.
Blood circulation to the body's extremities improves.
Scars after an operation heal faster.
Reduces the formation of scar tissue.

The amount of gamma globulin in the blood changes (proteins carrying the immune defence system).

Magnetic Therapy was a very powerful and painless system of treating most diseases and other ailments, but unfortunately found it was very expensive and cumbersome to apply a powerful pure magnetic field. It was then discovered a permanent magnet became many times more powerful when rotated. This also produces a beneficial bipolar effect.


Magnetic Therapy has long proved to be a simple, powerful and entirely painless method of dealing with most illnesses, injuries and other ailments without creating side effects.


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