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Dr Zanka Četojević

Dr. Zanka Cetojevic is a specialist in general medicine. She graduated from the Medical School in Sarajevo. Since 1988 she has introduced traditional therapeutic methods of acupuncture and magnetotherapy in his work with patients. Dr. Zanka believes that modern medicine in the 21st century should be comprehensive and efficient, that is, it uses traditional experience and applying modern technology. Since 2002, she has introduced the most modern biofeedback - bio-resonance, anti-stress computer system SCIO.

Contact: Dr Zanka Četojević  - Quantummedicum, Belgrade  
Tel: (+381) (0) 11- 32 44 328,   

Francesca Pinoni

Specializing in Enhancement Therapies, Francesca (Dr. Igor's Wife) has been using the QXCI/SCIO since 2001. With a background in Magnetotherapy & Reiki she brings a different direction to SCIO biofeedback therapy, working on the whole person to help each individual achieve his or her maximum potential.


The SCIO resembles “high tech” Reiki. Like Reiki, it works on the body’s subtle energetic system. Sending minute electrical impulses at biological speeds it can quickly provide an evaluation of all the body’s systems, from organs to body systems, emotions and even the chakras and the aura. Again, using these same impulses, with the guidance of an experienced operator, the system sends counter-frequencies back into the body to bring it back into optimal balance and functioning level.


Tapping into your own body’s knowledge: subconsciously, you know what is holding you back from optimal health & happiness. The SCIO can help you access this knowledge and activate your body’s ability to heal itself on every level.

Contact Francesca on +357 99-801314

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