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  Energetic Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

- Hippocrates -


We are living in a time of great transition on many levels. We can see that the pace of change is accelerating; the ease and speed of global communication, the availability of information, advances in technology that make our lives easier and more pleasant and medical marvels that were unthinkable in the past.


However, a hindrance to enjoying the more positive aspects of these technological advances is the fact that most people are still stuck in an outmoded way of thinking left over from the beginning of the “technical era” and the industrial revolution. It all started with the so-called Newtonian concept of a mechanical universe.

Science grew into a separate field and a system of medicine developed that viewed each part of the body as a separate unit rather than an intrinsic part of a whole organism.

So-called “alternative” or “complementary” therapies are based on the ancient concept that the body is a “whole”. That’s where the expression “holistic” comes from (I don’t what happened to the “w”!). More than that, each of our own individual body systems is connected to the whole of the universe. This concept is present in all religious and spiritual systems, expressed in different ways and often hidden from general practice, but it’s there if you have the curiosity, motivation and desire to look.

Older forms of medicine, many of which are still practiced in the East and in rural societies include Tradition Chinese Medicine, Ayur Veda, Unani and the so-called “folk remedies” like herbs, poultices and teas. More recent developments include homeopathy, Bach Flowers, Cranial-Sacral, Chiropractic, Sound and Colour therapies, REM, EFT, biofeedback, and many, many more. What all these modalities have in common is that they stimulate the body’s power to heal itself rather than address the symptoms of a disease and try to “fight” them.

The latest advances in science and mathematics are bringing us back to the holistic view. It has been proven mathematically that we exist in a minimum of 11 dimensions simultaneously and that all things are interconnected. There is so much more to us than the sum of our physical parts. Again, this information is readily available if you know where to look, but it is not broadcast because there is too much invested in the current model, especially regarding the pharmaceutical industry. Western medicine has made great strides in treatment for war and accident victims, trauma, etc., but is really not effective in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and optimising health. is that they stimulate the body’s power to heal itself rather than address the symptoms of a disease and try to “fight” them.

It is not difficult to take the first steps to improved health. Once you realise that your own body has all the knowledge and the full capacity to heal itself you can take the reins and become responsible for your health. There is no magic pill or insurance policy that will make you healthy. You know that. The first thing you can do to help your body heal itself and work at its optimal level is to stop feeding it with toxins, so common in our world that we don’t even realise the harm they are doing and the level at which they compromise our health.


The most obvious of these toxins is the food that we eat. The body’s best diet is food grown naturally (organically), in season, in the place where we live. If you need some motivation to stop eating packaged foods just read the ingredients on the label! Most prepared foods and drinks you find in the supermarket contain many chemicals, preservatives, flavour enhancers, artificial colours and other additives that tax the body and sap its vital energy to cleanse itself. It is crucial to drink pure, clean water. Our body is more that 70% water. Refreshing it with plenty of CLEAN, pure water is key to removing toxin build-up.

We also put toxins into our system when we overuse use beauty and hygiene products. Many commercial brands are full of chemicals that, over time, can poison our system through our largest organ, our skin.

Other, more subtle toxins come from electromagnetic pollution. Move any electrical equipment at least one meter away from where you sleep. Avoid excessive use of your mobile phone or use a hands-free model so the telephone is not close to your head.

Where I live, in Cyprus, the air is still fairly clean. We have the opportunity to go up to the mountains and fill our lungs with fresh air and fresh energy or to walk barefoot on the beach almost all year around. Others are not so fortunate. Air pollution is another major source of toxins in modern life, introducing heavy metals into the body that take much of the body’s energy to remove.

Hopefully, you are intelligent enough to know how much damage smoking causes to your body. Avoid being around people who smoke and spending time in smoky areas.

Our body system is more than just our flesh and blood. Our physical health greatly depends on our mental and emotion hygiene. Exposure to negativity in the daily news is a mental toxin. Being in a bad relationship or bottling up one’s feelings are emotional toxins. These, too, need to be reduced or eliminated as an important measure of disease prevention.

In my practice with the biofeedback system, all these factors come up as energetic patterns. I can see exactly what is in balance and what is not. One thing I find most interesting is that in the “Emotion” panel so often “Desire for things to be different” shows up as high, and right next to it “Resistance to change.”  

Developmental therapies are a great help to overcome the resistance to change that blocks us from living the life of freedom, health and happiness that we all so deeply crave.

Every person is unique. In my practice, I evaluate my patients from different perspectives and work out a healing strategy that is especially for them. In that way, we maximum their potential, resulting in OPTIMAL HEALTH, increased quality of life and disease prevention.

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By Dr. Igor Cetojevic, Francesca Pinoni

What Patients say:

"Dr. Igor was the first and only doctor that diagnosed what had bothered me for years and had caused a lot of suffering. He assisted me with his therapies and teachings to find the way to health, wellbeing and happiness. Through him, I realised that conventional medicine needs to be integrated with Eastern medicine and that energetic medicine has to be added to that.

In fact that all Healing medicine is Holistic Energetic Medicine."


Oliver Stankovic





I met Dr. Igor in December 2015. All year before I was suffering from mononucleosis. I visited many doctors in different countries and all of them told me the same thing - "your virus has greatly damaged your liver functions so you can not compete anymore". It was difficult for me even to train for 30 minutes. Dr. Igor made a miracle. Over one month, his method and the new life approach that he showed me - all of this had returned me so fast on court so I was able to train fully. Three months later, I won a tournament and played 20 matches over 3 weeks. It was a real miracle for me and now I am an absolutely healthy person and do not feel any problems anymore. With the new diet I can easily control my weight, I have a lot of energy and I feel really happy. I believe in Dr. Igor and all that he uses in his method. He brought me to a healthy and better quality of life!"

                                                      Vesna  Dolonc

                                                      Tennis Professional


“Saradnja sa dr. Četojevicem mi je pomogla da poboljšam kvalitet života. Svo to poboljšanje mi je motiv da istražujem i učim dalje. Sad mogu i moje najbliže da uputim i pomognem jer jasnije vidim njihove probleme koji su nekad bili i moji."


"Cooperation with Dr. Ćetojević helped me to improve my quality of life. With my improvement came the incentive to explore and learn more. My experience is an example to my family and friends. They are learning and benefiting because they clearly see their problems that were once mine."


                                      Rastko Petkovic, programmer

"Sve cestitke dr Igoru Četojeviću, priznatom strucnjaku i ljekaru, koji se zalaze za holisticki pristup lijecenja svakog pojedinacnog covjeka, pacijenta, primjenjujuci veliko znanje i bogato iskustvo. Ono sto fascinira kod dr Četojevića, je jednostavnost u objasnjenju slozenog energetskog organizma svakog covjeka, uvazavajuci saznja moderne medicine, prirode, okruzenja u kojem covjek zivi, kulture, tradicije i ponaosob emocionalnosti i duhovnosti.Osoben ljudski pristup svakom covjeku, zelja za razumijevanjem samog sebe i osvjescivanjem o kvaliteti ljudskog bivstvovanja, su putokazi koji ovom darovitom strucnjaku i nadasve covjeku koji zeli da priblizi medicinu i zdravlje svakom covjeku imponira. Ja bih rekla da je dr Četojević, jedan od svetionika koji nas vodi u bolje dans i sutra.

“Congratulations to Dr. Igor Četojević, an expert and doctor practicing an individualized, holistic approach for treatment of each patient using his vast knowledge and rich experience. What’s fascinating about Dr. Igor Četojević is how he combines his knowledge of conventional medicine with consideration of a patient’s lifestyle including environmental factors, mental/emotional stressors, specific culture and traditions. He addresses his patients as individuals, giving them advice and direction on complex health issues in a simple way that is easily understood and followed. He encourages them and leads them like a lighthouse to find their light within and reach their health goals improving day by day.”

Dr. Ljiljana Krneta

Professor at the University of Banja Luka

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